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About Japanese Game

Nanaca Crash is definitely a crazy Japanese game, you goal is to ride the bikes and kick the guy as far as you can. As other Japanese games, it features a very unique and clean graphics, with special sound effects and music.
From the main menu (In English), There are few entries which you can choose, and will help you control the game features.
On the top of the menu, you can see the best record you achieved so far, the figure is in meters, every time you play, your score will be compared to this record, and if you managed to get a higher score, this entry will be updated with your new hiscore.
If you don't want to keep this score anymore, or, for example, if you share the computer with family or friends that want to play too, and want to try and save their own best score, you can click on the clear button to reset it.
Once you reset the hiscore, you cannot restore it anymore, so be careful, if you had a very good distance and accidentally reset it, it will be very frustrating (from our own experience...)
Next on the menu - the start button which will of course, start the game.

The next entry contains instructions about how to play the game, as many other Japanese games, the instructions are all in Japanese, don't worry, we will explain everything in details later on.
The last two menu entries control the flash game quality - in case your computer is not fast enough and you experience slow response times, change it between high, medium or low.
Last option will turn on and off the sound effects and music, the game has some very cool sound effects, so we recommend you leave them on.
If you like more traditional Japanese tile games, you can find them in the Mahjong Games site, along with a complete beginner's guide.


How to play

After clicking start, the first game screen will be shown, the controls are very simple and easy to learn, only the mouse can be used to play.
To the right of the "first contact" message, you can see a fast moving arrow, once the arrow points to the angle you want to hit, click the left mouse button once, and don't release it yet.
Now, a red bar will start moving inside the rectangle, release the mouse button once it reaches the speed you want your bike to go.

Now, watch how the guy fly, he will encounter various obstacles on the way, some will slow him down, some will give him a boost on different angles, and some will completely stop him.
Use the aerial button on the top left to teleport and hit him again, the button can have two colors - Blue and Red.
When the button is red, the bike will be teleported and hit the guy again on the air, toward the skies - so it will give him a boost up to the air, this is a very useful feature and will help you gain a large initial distance.
When the button turns blue, the bikes will be teleported on the other direction, and the collision will cause him to fly toward the ground, gaining more speed.
While you can use only 3 red aerial hits, the down aerial hits are rechargeable, the percentage is displayed next to the blue arrow, you will be able to use it again when it reaches 100%.
The blue aerial power will be recharged only when the guy is visible on the screen, also, you can use this power only when he's visible and not too close to the ground.
The top right corner of the screen shows the best record and current score, and on the top left there is a pull down menu with about the same options that can be found on the main menu described earlier.
One important thing is, if you are not satisfied with how your game start, you can use this menu to start all over again using the "again" option, you can also quit to the title using the last option.

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