Play Guardian Popon

Protect the homebase and your ship - Use the mouse pointer to move the ship around, left click to fire.
Hold the left mouse button to increase the fire range. you can go back to the floating supply depot to reload.

About This Japanese Game

Even tough it's easy to control and enjoy this simple Japanese game, the game itself is very hard and challenging, you might spend long long time trying to beat it, as it's highly addictive, so be warned, if you don't have enough time to spare, don't start playing at all!

As mentioned above, the controls are quite simple - you control you battleship using the mouse.
Move the mouse pointer around to move the ship right or left, then click the left button to fire at the enemies coming from the left side,
the longer you hold the left button pressed, the more distance the shell will go.
Your ship is quite small, and can carry only ten shells, so you will need to navigate the ship back to the small floating supply depot to reload it again.
The reloading process takes some time, and the boat is vulnerable during this time, so plan ahead, and think when is the best time to sail back to the depot.
Your main goal is to protect the home base, the big building on the left corner, from the evil enemy ships, you will do that by sinking them all.
The home base energy is shown on the red power bar on the top of it, if it's depleted, the game will be over.
As the game advances, the difficulty level will be increased, more ships will come, and they will be more sophisticated and accurate.
You can use several tactics, one is to get close to the enemy ships, and perform few fast close range attacks, to try and sink one or two of them fast.
This tactic is a bit risky, as you will also be vulnerable to their counterattack ,and as you have only 10 shells, you will need to do all the way back to the depot to reload.
A Second tactic will be to stay close to the depot, and fire from the distance, this is a bit more tricky, as it will be harder to aim, this tactic will keep you alive longer, and it's easier to defend the base this way.

When the game is over, you will be taken back to the title screen, don't worry, the game has 6 save points, so it can be restarted from levels 5,10,20,30,40 and 50, for example, if you disqualified on level 35, you can play again from level 30.
As many other Japanese games, this game will keep track of the best score achieved so far, this score will be displayed on the bottom of the title page, along with the max difficulty level reached.

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