Play Ninja Ninja

Use the arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump and spacebar to shoot.
On the main menu, the first option will start the game, then choose the difficulty level on the second menu.

About this game

A classic Japanese ninja game, with traditional elements that make it a very fun game to play.
The game is simple, control you ninja and beat all the other ninjas, the enemies will become harder and stronger as you go up the difficulty levels.
In the main menu, Use up and down to navigate and spacebar to select.
The first o ption will start the game, a new menu will be displayed with the game difficulty level,
the upper entry is "easy" middle is "normal" and last one is "hard"
The second entry in the main menu will show the game instructions in Japanese, and the last entry will control game's visual quality and sound.

During this anime game, use right and left keys to move, up arrow key to jump, and space to fire.
You can pick up seven types of power ups which will give you new unique weapons -
Hand spearrr, Knife, Manji-syuriken, bomb, i-da-ten, tornado and a big bomb.
You don't have to pick up a power up if you're already happy with the one that you have.
Note that all power ups can be used only limited number of times, this number is displayed on the top right corner, once the power up was completely used, you will be equipped with the default weapon again.
For your convenient, here is a list of the Japanese numbers (in Kanji) which are used in the game:

Japanese KanjiEnglishJapanese
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